Receive-Side Scaling for UDP on Windows 10 Professional does not work RRS feed

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  • Dear Support, dear MS Community,

    we try to acquire 10GBit/s of data from a Measurement device, which unfortunately can only send the data over UDP.

    To test if we can acquire that big amount of data we
    created a test environment containing of a receiver (server) which should accept as much UDP traffic as possible.
    And a sender (client) which tries to send as much as possible.
    The hardware on the server side is an AMD RYZEN 9 3700 and an Intel NIC X550-T2.
    The sender also has an Intel NIC X550-T2.

    Also we used 10 iperf3 server instances and 10 sending clients.

    With that setup we could only acquire 5 Gbit/s.

    After a lot of debugging, we found out, that the bottleneck is unfortunately the server. One processor was occupied by 100%.
    Also the operating system was not usable anymore. Just sending TCP traffic worked like a charm, also testing the same scenario on Linux worked. With that we had 10GBit/s and the traffic was splitted onto several CPU's.
    This seems like, the RSS for UDP does not work in Windows.

    How do we get the RSS Queues working on Windows?

    Kind regards,

    Tuesday, September 8, 2020 6:28 PM