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  • We have a DELL R510 Server, that has 8 GB ram, 6 x 1 TB drives, with two volumes defined.  The first was a 200 GB vol for windows 2008 R2 OS, and the second was the DPM storage area.

    After having identified that we needed to rebuild the server from scratch, we found over 2 days of work, that windows would not install.  We tried everything, removing PERC 6 controllers, removing memory down to 2 GB,  etc.

    IT turns out that the only way to get windows to re-install on this box was to blow away the previous RAID configs, and redefine them.  We ended up redefining ONLY  a 100GB OS virtual drive, and we will do the remainder later for the DPM data store. 

    Last week, when researching this issue,  I did come across an article that stated that windows 2008 ( not R2)  had been known to have issues with having more than 99 volumes.  see

    I guess my question is this:  Is the above article related to the problems that we had installing a new OS, even though we were doing 08R2?  Is there something in the install process that dates back to 08 and the volume count issue ??

    Monday, September 13, 2010 10:22 PM

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  • Hi Rick,

    No, the bug that Windows 2008 had has been fixed in the QFE and is now part of Windows 2008 R2. It was more than just the >99 volumes  that caused the disks to show invalid.  The problem was very rare and if you bumped into it, you would know it because all volumes on all dynamic disks would be inaccessible.   Only if your operating system disk (200GB volume) was a dynamic disk could you be effected.  In that case, you would need to clean the disk and make it a MBR disk again before it could be used for a new installation.



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    Tuesday, September 14, 2010 12:54 AM