Server NTP time problems?


  • Let me start by saying I didnt really know where to post this, for I am not even 100% sure what server it is were using. I believe its 2012 r2, however I could be wrong. I apologize. Let me just explain whats going on. (Yes I am new to servers)

    I had someone tell me their computer updates automatically and restarts on its own, regardless of the settings on that computer. So I went to the server and edited the group policy so that it was configured to download updates, but to notify before install. Great. Well, I went back to the problem PC and forced a sync to the server. It failed. The server time was way wrong. It was indicating about 2:30 am (when this was being done at about 4pm.) It also indicated it was the following days date. Telling me it was in the future. The person also told me that their second computers time was off as well..hmm.

    I manually changed the time on the server. Clicked on the clock -> adjust date and time -> put correct time. What I didnt know, was that wasnt how you adjust a server time. I was then informed about NTP and how I need to set the flag to 5 and so on...but today, the person who I was fixing all this for, stated that the computer clocks were normal now. I didnt do anything besides change the local time on the server.

    Here is where Im stuck. I dont really know what to do now. Does this give anyone any bit of info that can even remotely help me finish this through and make sure everything is set up correctly?

    Tuesday, September 27, 2016 6:35 PM


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