How to calculate custom 'Actual Cost' in MS Project Server 2010 RRS feed

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  • Hello All,

    I have a  requirement which may look simple to some of you but for me at least now is 'Not' and thats why I have come up to this forum where 'Masters' & 'Well experienced' professional of this field can help me by sharing their thoughts and solutions.

    So,the situation is we want to capture 'Actual Cost' with custom calculation in MS Project Professional.Leaving the real 'Actual Cost' field as it is and then create a custom field of cost type which calculates the assignment cost based on applied resource's calendar and what actual effort resource has charged.For e.g. if resource is with Standard Calendar(8 hrs per day) and he charges 9 hours per day in timesheet,we dont want to restrict him to 8 hrs but we want there should be a custom field at task level which calculates this custom cost in Project Plan based on max capped hour(8 hrs) so that we have 2 Actual cost field - one is real 'Actual Cost'(based on 9hrs he charged) and second is 'Custom Actual Cost'(based on capped hrs 8 hrs).In a second scenario,if resource has charged only 7 hrs a day then this 'Custom Actual Cost' should calculate the cost based on 7 hrs only means equal to 'Actual Cost' field.

    I assume this is possible with VB code at Project professional level but not able to start with.So any pointers in this direction would be really helpful.Or entirely a different solution or approach to above mentioned scenario is highly appreciable.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2016 1:01 PM