Low Latency on XP - drivers? RRS feed

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  • Hi. I have installed XP, and want the lowest possible latency. I have found that win32priorityseparation at 25 (2x foreground boost, short variable slices), gives the most similar result, to doing a low-latency linux-config. Also it seems that XP needs processes at idle, to not choke processes on cpu1, when cpu2 is maxed. I have cut unessecary processes and services, and actually disabled over a hundred drivers :) This has helped a lot.

    I have also noticed that moving windows, while apps are running, improves latency, and is trying to manipulate that through a script, giving me 1ms usable audio-streams.

    The last problem though, is, some drivers on windows update, are horribly outdated. A lof of drivers are from 2001, and this is on a quite recent machine.

    I have obtained A FEW drivers, for standard cpu-cpu bridge which improved things, a 1394 driver, actually from VISTA, and also updated the typical drivers, that are available. Still there are 150 drivers running, and many of them are from 2001.
    I was wondering if anyone knew more recent drivers, than those from 2001 on a typical XP install?

    Peace Be With You.

    Thursday, August 30, 2012 9:23 AM