TFS Server Exploded. Need to Hook up to New Server RRS feed

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  • Our old TFS server is gone.  I mean GONE.

    We built a new one, and loaded it from backups.  Now I need to check in my changes.  I have my changes on my local system, but every attempt I have made to check in the project has led to VS 2015 making a new GIT repository.

    Here's the deal.

    • NO access to old server.
    • TFS version 6 (I think)
    • I have attached to the new server in a new root folder and checked out the project from before the tfs crash.
    • Now I have \projects\new tfs\... and \workspaces\tfs\...
    • I want to overwrite the checkout in new tfs (2 week's old backup) and...
    • put in the new code I have written, WITHOUT also copying the linkage to the old server.
    • then I want to check in all my changes.If I am to copy my new code over the newly checked out old code, how do I avoid copying over the link to the old server?

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    Monday, March 26, 2018 8:56 PM