Can't set up backups for VMs i moved via Server 2012's replication/failover feature


  • I have two AD sites that each have a DPM 2012 SP1 server. I have a lot of servers running as VMs under Hyper-V 2012. I back up the machines in their local DPM instance, and backup each DPM's SQL DB with the other DPM instance.

    I needed to move some larve VMs from one site to the other across my relatively slow WAN link and came up with turning on the Hyper-V replication feature. Once the VMs were caught up replicating I failed them over via Hyper-V: turn them off, do a planned failover, turn back on, fix the IPs to be on the  new subnet, and servers are running again. At the moment I still have the replcation enabled so of course it switch to making replicas in a new file location on the original server in the original site.

    I then tried to backup the replicated VMs from the second DPM server by making a new protection group and opening the second Hyper-V host where the replicas are now. If i select one of them DPM returns the message "you have chosen to protect replicas on another dpm server..." I suppose that since the VM has the same ID as the VM in the original location DPM is concluding that I am trying to back up the same VM twice, even though it's not quite the same VM anymore.

    I tried backing out of the original DPM's backups to try and clear this error. First I just stopped protection of the original VMs but retained the data in DPM, but still had the error message. I then gave up on keeping the DPM backups and deleted them outright so the original DPM was not backing up them VMs at all. But I still get the erro message from the second DPM. I assume that there is some holdover record in the first DPM server that says it is or was backing up those VMs.

    I haven't found any documentation on clearing such an error. My first attempt was to just restart each DPM while they weren't busy. No change.

    Is there some powershell script I could hit the original DPM server with to clean the DB, or maybe there's some timeout after which DPM cleans its own DB, or have I forgotten to do something and DPM was still holding some data on purpose.

    From the way it is acting I feel like I managed to get one degree beyond the planned interactions between Hyper-V 2012 features and DPM 2012 SP1's expections.

    Update: Been looking at this for too long and forgot something: The original VMs were (And still are) on a Hyper-V 2012 cluster. So I can see these replication destination VMs as existing from DPM. Since I have the two DPMs hooked together when you start a new protection group you can browse into the other DPM instance and see its contents as possible objects to backup for D2D2D. So I can see the replicas in there as well as the live VMs under the server they are running on now. I'm still thinking about it but maybe that being true and my problems are not a coincidence.
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  • Hi,

    The problem is since you are cross protecting the DPM databases, each DPM server is both a primary, and a Secondary to each other.  This means both DPM Server know about each others data sources eve though you are not actively secondarily protecting them.

    We have customer facing documentation stating that moving a PS between DPM servers are not supported under that Scenario.
    See COMMUNITY COMMENT under the following technet article:
    Setting up DPM Chaining
    Under the heading: "Moving protected servers between DPM servers while under secondary protection is not supported"
    If you call MS support, we can try to clean up DPM server to allow it to re-protect the moved VM.

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