Is formatting of scorecard rows possible when a filter is linked to rows? RRS feed

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    Hello everyone,


    We have created a couple of scorecards where our company's store names are on the rows and several KPIs are on the columns. Since we're constantly adding new stores to our network, we prefer to use an MDX filter that returns all members of the Store Names dimension and populates the scorecard rows. This is preferred to manually adding new stores to the scorecards when necessary.


    However, since stores are grouped by region or by type in the scorecards, we would like to be able to apply formatting to the scorecard rows when using an MDX filter to populate them. For example, to have all numbers in the North region scorecard row in bold and all rows containing store names from the North region indented one more level, so that users can expand/collapse sales regions. This is easily achieved when regions and store names are hard-coded into the scorecard by dragging and dropping from the respective hierarchy level in a cube, but is it at all possible when using an MDX-type filter to populate the rows?


    Any advice would be appreciated.






    Monday, October 27, 2008 12:47 PM