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  • Back in 2016 I bought Office for Mac 2016 thanks to an employer discount. This is a full product, not a subscription. It worked fine for years, until recently Autoupdate started pestering me about every time I launch any of the office apps, trying to force me to buy a subscription to Office 365, which no way in hell I'm going to do.

    Recently it gave me a warning that Microsoft wasn't going to update the 2016 apps anymore. That doesn't bother me, I know that a company can't keep updating a version of an app forever. However, I did pay for a full permanent version of Office 2016, not a subscription, so it annoys the hell out of me that every day Microsoft keeps pushing and pushing me to convince me to buy either a subscription or pay $150 to get the 2019 full version, neither of which I'm going to do. It's corporate greed at its worst. You bought a full version of our product four years ago, and it works just fine, but we have a new version, so we're going to pester you over and over until you cave and give us your money.

    Doesn't Microsoft realize that these dirty tactics only lead to people getting aggravated and it causes the opposite effect of what they're trying to accomplish? I used to be able to open Word or Excel without having the stupid autoupdate thing open up every single time. Even worse, they changed it, because there used to be a preference to check for updates manually. Now that doesn't exist anymore, at best you can set it to not update automatically. So the way it is now, I'm only one accidental click away from having it update the whole suite to 365 or 2019 and then I'm sure if I were to uninstall that and try to reinstall 2016, it wouldn't let me.

    So why do keep pushing people with these annoying tactics? When I buy a software that is supposed to be a full product, I expect to use it for as long as I want to, without being forced to upgrade every time I open it. If I bought a movie on Blu-ray in 2016, I can still watch it just fine, it doesn't pester me every time I try to watch it to upgrade to the 4k version. This should be the same. What Microsoft does is downright rude.

    Friday, July 17, 2020 6:24 PM