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  • Hi all,


    We are running Project Server 2010 (with the April CU).  I have a situation that is occurring frequently where the “Save” operation from Project Professional goes Into a “Getting Queued” state but never comes out.  When I look at the ULS Logs at the time of the save it appears that Project Professional never completes sending data to the server.  A “normal” save sequence would generate four "Active Cache Save" category eevnts:


    ·         Enter PreSaveProject

    ·         Enter SaveProject

    ·         overwriting Project

    ·         Enter PostSaveProject


    But, in these certain cases I’ll get only the “Enter PreSaveProject” ULS event with nothing following.  When that occurs the project Save stays in the "Getting Queued" state indefinitely. 


    Are there any known issues with Project Professional where it fails to complete the Save transaction with the server?


    I don’t have the “Retry” option available on this queue item, so I can only cancel the job.  But, then if the user closes and reopens Project Pro without noticing this problem then he is unable to open the project in Read/Write and therefore cannot reinitiate the SAVE back to the server.


    So, I have two questions:

    1)      How can I recover from this situation and let the user open the project Read/Write so that they can save back to the server and don’t lose their updates?

    2)      What is causing this problem in the first place?



    Jim Mac.

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    Tuesday, June 14, 2011 7:10 PM

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  • Jim,

    Look in SharePoint central and see if any of the jobs are stuck too.  There is Job Definitions and Job Status.  Look in there and see if some jobs are not scheduled.

    If you stop and restart project server services, do the jobs complete?

    If you reboot the project server, do the jobs complete?


    Michael Wharton, MBA, PMP, MCT, MCSD, MCSE+I, MCDBA
    Tuesday, June 14, 2011 7:56 PM
  • Michael,  I did not see any stuck jobs in SharePoint.  All jobs are succeeding.

    Also, when this problem occurs, other projects will still move through the queue just fine.  So, we did not feel the need to restart the queue service or to reboot the server.  Do you think that this is required?

    When a Queue Job fails, the recommended course of action is to review the ULS logs to try to determine the cause of the error.  Usually there are four "Active Cache Save" category events in the log (as listed above): "Enter PreSaveProject", "Enter SaveProject", "overwriting Project", and "Enter PostSaveProject".

    However in these certain cases I only see the "Enter PreSaveProject" event (below):

    PWA:, ServiceApp:Project Server, User:CompanyX\UserA, PSI: [T:4265561a-b8d6-4da3-8d4b-79489f431029][U:57a5a934-cc5d-45dd-9545-41f09848ff40][S:15e913a9-e8e9-4571-9ef4-d0fcb5b7d842][D:MYCO7171\Production][J:4265561a-b8d6-4da3-8d4b-79489f431029][P:8af7c294-b443-4171-bb94-748e34291b24][PS_AC][1] Enter PreSaveProject(8af7c294-b443-4171-bb94-748e34291b24, 0, False, 15e913a9-e8e9-4571-9ef4-d0fcb5b7d842, MYCO7171\Production, False, False, 4265561a-b8d6-4da3-8d4b-79489f431029)

    followed by 30 seconds of silence and then a series of "Active Cache Load" category events, starting with this:

    PWA:, ServiceApp:Project Server, User:CompanyX\UserA, PSI: [T:eb5dabfb-9122-480e-abe8-10ea709aa4d2][U:57a5a934-cc5d-45dd-9545-41f09848ff40][S:15e913a9-e8e9-4571-9ef4-d0fcb5b7d842][D:MYCO7171\Production][J:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000][P:75cdd7db-1b68-4b70-a8d6-2fe52da83acd][PS_AC][1] Enter PreReadProject(75cdd7db-1b68-4b70-a8d6-2fe52da83acd, 2, 1, False, False, 15e913a9-e8e9-4571-9ef4-d0fcb5b7d842, MYCO7171\Production, 0, 1033)

    How do I troubleshoot this futher?  And also, how can I recover from this situation and let the user open the project Read/Write so that they can save back to the server and not lose their updates?


    Jim Mac. 

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 1:04 AM
  • Hello Jim,

    Go to PWA> Server Settings> Manage Queue & check the Position 1 & see which project or job is on the first place (1) . If the list of jobs is long, you may find it helpful to filter the list of jobs by status, looking for jobs in the Getting queued state.

    Just like below:

     1 Project 6/15/2011 10:29 AM  P5-CustomWorkspaceTest-EPT Project Save from Project Professional Getting Queued 

    If you can see the project which is struck at getting queued, Getting queued means that these messages are going into the queue.  It is possible that the Getting Queued message appears for some time because a very large project is coming in across a very slow link.  One other potential problem that can break things is if this flow in of messages does not complete.  Perhaps the Project Manager saving the project shuts down Project before it completes - or perhaps goes out of wireless range midway through the process.  Either way the Getting Queued could sit there for some time. To fix this up find the person who has this project in mid-save and get them to reconnect and complete the job.  As a last resort you can cancel the Getting Queued - but YOU WILL LOSE DATA!  Any changes the Project Manager made will not get saved.  To protect you from inadvertently canceling one of these jobs we add a check box under Advanced options labeled "Cancel jobs getting enqueued" which will need to be checked before these jobs can be canceled.Note down the project Name & cancel the job.  With the blocking job now canceled, the queue should resume processing subsequent jobs.
    To avoid this problem in the future, make sure you instruct your PMs to wait until the bar on the bottom of Project Professional reads "Save job xx% complete. Expected Wait Time xxs". It is at this time that the job is in the queue and that Pro is no longer needed. 



    Thanks, Amit Khare |EPM Consultant| Blog:
    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 5:04 AM