LINK Translation via UAG RRS feed

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  • “We had an discussion with users last week over our proposal of SharePoint Migration using Quest Migrator. Users are fine with our proposal, however they have an specific requirement on maintaining the URL during migration. Let me explain it.


    At present, one of their versions (WSS 2.0) has over 100 site collections and inside they have thousands of documents. Inside the documents, the links are being hardcoded to their existing intranet site like documents inside site collection “CCE” has being hardcoded to ‘share.oms.sg/cce/a.pdf, share.oms.sg/cce/b.pdf’ etc.,


    We have proposed them to migrate site collections in batches and they are fine with it, however, they do not want to change any of the existing links.  For example, if the above mentioned site collection is being migrated “CCE” to new version (share2010.oms.sg/cce),and if users have to access the links inside the document which points to ‘share.oms.sg/cce/a.pdf’, they want it to be redirected to newer version (share2010.oms.sg/cce), but if it links points to a site which is not migrated, then it should be redirected to the older version (share.oms.sg).


    We assume, ISA reverse proxy could do such configurations which will allow users to redirect to different URL based on settings in ISA and we have to set the ISA server address to be “share.oms.sg” and remove the name from existing environment. Could you confirm whether ISA could do that and what is the latest version of ISA server or is there any such reverse proxy product available exclusively for SharePoint, which will be used only during the migration stage. Once we close this gap, we could submit our proposal.” Can we achive the above requireemnt with UAG.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011 10:13 AM