BitLocker - TPM


  • Hi!

    Windows 10 is installed, SSD and a HDD of a DELL Vostro 5568 laptop.

    I wish youconfigureBitLocker, but thepower-onreset allowswrites thatBitLockercan not be activated.
    I triedalsotoGroup PolicywithouttheTPMchipcanstartmy permission,Ialsohyourself in thesame placeTPMam disabled,but nogoresults.
    NeitherPINorUSBkey tonot let me.
    If you do nottesttheitembeforeBitLockerencryption,butletletitkosítanitheSSD, the machineis rebootedandswitchedasks therecovery key, sayingno other means areavailable.

    Otherwise,atTPMwritesthat TheTPMis ready for operation, but onlya reducedfeature set.
    If you want to change than the TPM owner password, I am getting an error 0x80280001.

    How could you, with or without TPM to encrypt a USB key?


    Tuesday, March 14, 2017 7:25 PM

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