Local Storage in SQL Server 2012 (Fast Track Appliance)


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    Before procuring the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Appliance, we require additional information to satisfy the requirements from our infrastructure staff.  What type of data is stored in the local storage?  It seems that the local storage may be used for computations functionality only (temporary tables etc?); therefore, the only system backups that we may need to perform are for the main server and spare server which also contains all computation nodes (each SQL Server 2012 instance running on virtual machines?).  In fact, we probably don’t need any backups since the spare server provides a fail-over mechanism and allows for our engineers to “repair” any issues on the problem server? Also, If all of our data is already on a separate system outside of this data warehouse and can simply be exported back to the PDW system, then perhaps we don’t require backups? We simply use this data warehouse for analysis of the data (query and reporting).  The data collection and maintenance are permanently stored on a separate system.

    One last question, if required – could we remove the local storage and replace it with our enterprise SANs? – likely a performance hit; however, may still be better than having to integrate separate hardware components to try to replicate the fast track appliance and attempt to tune for performance.  Our infrastructure policy requires the use of enterprise SANs and reduction in local storage (possibly from new data center consolidation policies).

    Thank you for helping us to decide quickly and purchase this Fast Track Appliance expeditiously to meet our rapidly approaching deadline.  I have been unable to find answers to these questions from Microsoft pre-sales and tech support staff (without a support contract).

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    Thank you for the question.

    If the data in the local storage can be extracted from the PDW again, we don't need to backup them.

    As for the storage replacement, technically speaking, you can replace the local storage with the different SANs. However, if you do so, you will lead the system to a nonsupport scenario.

    Please refer for further information.

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