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    Can we control the ProClarity chart colors programatically. By default, every chart data series has a color assigned to it. This color is based on the selected chart palette. We want to override these colors based on the series group instance values.



    Tuesday, August 19, 2008 6:07 PM


  • The quick answer is NO.  You cannot change the Color Palette used by the Chart control.  I have been asking for this feature from the ProClarity R&D team since ProClarity 3.0 but it was never deemed important enough to include it (not that I am bitter ).  However, seeing as how you mentioned programming, you could develop an Add-in that programmatically tweaked the series colors based on some criteria.  The Series object contains a Color property that accepts any valid OLE_COLOR code.  The downside of this approach though is that it is only available in the Professional client.  Add-ins do not run when using Web Standard.  If you were to programmatically change the colors of the series and then save the view to a briefing book and publish the book to PAS, the colors would be visible in the Web Standard as long as the users did not start drilling around and change the series.  Modifying the number of items or content on the series will force the colors to revert back to their defaults.  The only way to give you full control over the series colors would be to write your own chart plug-in for both the Professional and Standard clients (it's not easy but definitely possible).


    Are you wanting to create some sort of exception highlighting chart (red, yellow, green)?  Or do the series names (member names) themselves represent a color?



    BTG Services

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008 9:01 PM