Left-click boots the computer


  • I have Windows 8.1 installed on two machines with ASRock H87M Pro4 motherboards, USB keyboards, and PS/2 mice, and both show this behavior:

    When I initiate a shutdown, Windows responds with "Shutting down" and when it's done there are no lights on the PC, but the optical mouse is still lit, and left-clicking the mouse ordinarily starts the computer.

    Does anyone know if this is an ASRock or Windows feature, what it's called, and how to control it? 

    More info:

    I understand that a PS2_USB_PWR1 mobo jumper setting can cause this behavior, but that jumper or similar does not exist on this board.

    BIOS: Advanced: ACPI is set thus:

    Suspend to RAM: Auto
    Check Ready Bit: Enabled
    ACPI HPET Table: Enabled
    PS/2 Keyboard Power On: Disabled
    PCI Devices Power On: Disabled
    Wake From Onboard LAN: Disabled
    Ring-In Power On: Disabled
    RTC Alarm Power On: By OS   [perhaps related to MS InstantGo support?]
    USB Keyboard/Remote Power On: Disabled
    USB Mouse Power On: Disabled

    Other settings of interest in BIOS: Advanced: Chipset Configuration: 

    Onboard HD Audio: On/Off Play: Disabled already
    Deep Sleep: Disabled already
    Good Night LED: Auto/Enabled/Disabled (all settings failed to fix)

    So I'm not seeing anything above that looks to me like it should cause this behavior.
    Monday, April 07, 2014 6:00 PM


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