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  • I disable the option "Order All Programs Alphabetically" in Start Menu Propierties but every time i restart or install a new program my "All Programs" menu is ordered alphabetically.

    I report this bug in Windows Vista Beta Programs, in Windows Vista RC Programs, in Windows Vista RTM, in Windows Vista SP1, in Windows Vista SP2, in Windows 7 Beta and in Windows 7 RC but Microsoft dont do nothing to fix this bug.

    Is very unusefull the inability to expand "All Programs" in Start Menu like in XP, and more unusefull with the imposibility to order the "All Programs" menu.

    I dont know why Vista or Seven have less customizations than XP. In XP you can also customize the Windows Explorer toolbar. In Vista and Seven you cant. For my opinion, the Vista/Seven user interface is a disaster. You need more clicks or you need to search to do simple things.

    Javier Álvarez.
    Madrid. SPAIN.
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  • Couldn't agree more. I HATE HATE HATE that microsoft keeps locking down the explorer. Let US customize it. I don't use "burn" or share" so let be disbale those. Just because some 25 year old intern at microsoft thinks its "cool" does not mean it is

    if they want windows 7 to be better then vista, then unlock explorer and let us CUSTOMIZE IT!
    Wednesday, June 17, 2009 6:00 PM
  • Totally agee 100%
    This issue is really annoy me since I was upgrade from XP to Vista.
    I hope 7 will eliminate this problem but it is still there.

    Why they don't let us customize All Programs menu like we want as in XP?
    Wednesday, July 15, 2009 11:37 PM
  • couldnt have said it better mysels.


    in xp i could change the explorer bar so it wouldnt have usless buttons on it looking pretty. also; dont make us hit "Alt" every time we want to get to our file bar. that was possibly the biggest flaw you have made since vista was in beta. and your new adress bar is of very little use to me seeing as i have folders for everything and as such i have to go through 10 lvls of folders. i cant get back to say the 4th folder efficiently because i often will linger in the 7th or 8th to use all their subcategories, so "back" wont work and the adress bar doesnt display that far back (i dont like windows explorer maximized). i used to just be able to press the up button but now i have to click back 6-10 times and then hti the 4th folder in the adress bar.

    and where is the logic in obscuring one of the most useful things in windows explorer: the text adress. i cant use key board shortcuts and highlighting anymore if i need to copy and paste an adress. while the new way takes the same time it isnt very clear to those who first use it not to mention that i can type so fast it is more efficient to type the adress rather than click on folders.

    hope this helps, nitrous_74
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