Msdb size - History Retention In Days and job history log size?


  • We need to estimate initial size of data an log file for msdb database. The customer only have two jobs recurring once a day. There are no Database MAil, log shipping , maintenance plans, backup, no replication and the recovery model is simple. The values for history retention interval are set to 0 and maximum job history log size is 1000 by default.

    So if we have only two jobs msdb database will hold history of 500 rows for each job. Syspolicy_purge_history job will do nothing if history retention interval in Policy Management is set to 0. So we don't have to worry about msdb getting large over the time?

    Are there any other msdb system tables that can increase in size we should care, or even to create a job that would wipe the old data?


    Monday, July 15, 2013 9:22 AM


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