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  •  Hi All,

    I have customized SharePoint “MySite” as per customer’s requirements and brandings.


    There are few out-of-box web parts in SharePoint “MySite” like “Colleagues Web Part” and “People Search Result Web Part” which we have used. These Web Parts display Users and a Presence icon in front of each User, where keeping mouse over the icon for a moment will display further dropdown menu items (like Send Mail, Add to Outlook Contacts, Schedule a Meeting..., etc.).


    I understand that the secret lies in calling the IMNRC JavaScript function passing in an email address in the rendered html. E.g. IMNRC ('user@domain.com'). The IMNRC function calls an ActiveX control (called "name.dll") on the user’s machine which does the work, this control is installed with Office 2003.

    To add presence information to our custom web parts, we simply need to call the following JavaScript function IMNRC () function, passing in the email address of the account you wish to check, such as IMNRC ('user@domain.com')


    <span><img border="0" height="12" width="12" src="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" originalAttribute="src" originalPath="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" originalAttribute="src" originalPath="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" onload="IMNRC (‘user@domain.com’)" id="IMID1" ShowOfflinePawn="1"/> User Name</span>


    Now different users are getting different number of menu items at their respective machines having same configurations. Even for few users there are no mouse-over effects, nothing getting displayed.

    But the main issue is that few of them are getting “View My Site…” menu and if the user clicks on “View My Site…” option, he/she is getting redirect to some wrong MySite link, not the one that we have customized.

    Now my Questions are:

    1. How to change the link that is associated with “View My Site…” menu item so that it redirects to our customized MySite?


    2. What makes the users to have different number of menu items getting displayed in different terminals with similar configurations?


    3. How to control the menu items getting displayed, like hiding few menu items, adding few menu items, etc.?

    Thanks in advance,


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