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  • I was online when all of a sudden a red message came on saying a threat had happened to our computer and we had to call a certain number or they would shut down the computer. There was actually a voice with this threat. Now, I have had phone calls like this but this is the third time in a couple of weeks that this has happened directly into my computer system. All I can do is to hit the stop button to completely shut down but when I come back up the voice is still going on about the threat to our computer.  After hitting so many keys they finally disappear.   I treated it like spam of course but this voice was very presistent. I was in search engines twice but was actually emailing in a chat room with a financial agent when it happened the third time. Very scary. What can you tell me about this.  I see no threats in my computer system when I look. I had just done a check and all was fine. Thanks so much.
    Sunday, April 9, 2017 10:11 AM

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