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  • Ok guys,

    I've got a Windows 7 laptop.  When docked, my resolution is 1680x1050.  I keep my gadgets along the right side of the screen much as they were under Vista with the sidebar (bring it back!).  When I undock, the resolution goes down to 1440x900 and the gadgets still appear along the right side of the screen.  So far so good.  HOWEVER, when I dock my computer again and the resolution goes BACK up to 1680x1050 the gadgets are way out near the middle of the screen (where they were positioned for 1440x900) and I have to drag them one-by-one back to the right.  I have to do this EVERY time I undock/redock my laptop.  It is to the point where I am considering not using my much-beloved gadgets because of this oversight.  It worked fine under Vista because the sidebar would stay on the side.  However, Windows 7 does not support this as an option.  This is a major oversight in my opinion.  I kept hoping it would get corrected.  I even contemplated performing one of the hacks out there, but I loathe the idea of copying Vista DLLs onto my Windows 7 machine to "hack" the OS. 

    This *IS* a bug, Microsoft.  I'd love to know if there are plans to fix it.  Not everyone works at the same resolution all of the time.
    Wednesday, February 24, 2010 2:41 PM

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  • Can you let us know some questions?

    1. when your laptop is docking, do the gadgets' location change when you change the resolution?
    2. If you connect a second monitor.

    In my opinion, it's better to update the driver for your display card first, you can get it from your machine's manufacture's website, or ATI\Nvidia website. In addition, you can create a new account to test your issue.

    This issue may occure if the XML registration is missing in the system. To fix the XML registration, use the following steps:

    1. Close all Windows gadgets. To do so, right-click on the gadgets and choose “Close gadget”.
    2. Open an elevated Command Prompt window. To do so, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
    3. In the Command Prompt window, type the following and press ENTER:

    regsvr32 msxml3.dll
    regsvr32 scrrun.dll
    regsvr32 jscript.dll

    If the registration was successful, you'll see the message DllRegisterServer in <filename> succeeded for each command executed. Open your gadget and check if the problem is resolved.

    Good luck!


    Thursday, February 25, 2010 6:15 AM
  • Interesting.  I am docked and I just changed the resolution to 1440x900.  The gadgets shifted of course.  I put it back to 1680x1050 and they shifted BACK!  They do not do this when I undock/redock.  Interesting.  What does that tell you?  Should I do any of the other things that you mentioned?  Or does this indicate some other issue?   I'll look for updated video drivers.

    EDIT: I updated to the latest video drivers and it makes no difference.  If I boot up undocked it moved the gadgets but then if I boot up docked after that it leaves them out in the middle of the screen.
    Monday, March 1, 2010 4:33 PM
  • Ok. After updating to the latest video drivers, I went through the process putting the XML registration right as described above.  Everything appeared to go successfully.  I then shut down and booted undocked.  Gadgets were moved to accomodate 1440x900.  I then shut down and docked and when I booted up into 1680x1050 the gadgets were  (sadly) where they were when at 1440x900.  This didn't help my problem.

    Any other suggestions?  Am I to understand that this is NOT normal Windows 7 behavior?  Are there people out there whose machines remember the position of their gadgets between between being docked and undocked?
    Monday, March 1, 2010 5:13 PM
  • How do you update the display card?
    Do you download the driver from your laptop's manufacture or Windows update?
    What's the detail model of your laptop? and the graphica card.

    As the gadget can shift correctly during changing resolutions when it is docked, I think your issue is more related to the power supply for the display card, or the driver.

    Generally, the resolution won't change after unplug the AC Power Adapter. To fix your trouble, you can try the following suggestions.

    1. Update the BIOS and other drivers.
    2. Test in a new account.
    3. Reset the Sidebar. 

    a.  Open Folder Options, click View tab, choose Show hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files and Folders box, click Apply and click OK.

    b. Go to C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar (where <user name> is your current user account name). Find Settings.ini, and delete it. Then browse into the Gadgets directory, and delete all files.

    Good luck!


    Tuesday, March 2, 2010 8:20 AM
  • I updated it directly from the Dell website.  My display adapter is an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M.  I have a Dell E6400.  I'm not sure why you are referencing the power supply for the card and the AC power adapter.  Maybe you misunderstood something I wrote earlier.  I generally do not undock "hot" so to speak.  Normally, this is the course of events:

    - Normally, I work docked.  The display is 1680x1050. 
    - I shut my laptop down and take it home.
    - I boot it up undocked.  The display is 1440x900.  The gadgets shift, obviously to accommodate the new resolution.
    - I shut down and take the computer back to work the next morning.
    - I put the laptop in the dock and boot up.
    - The computer is back in 1680x1050 but the gadgets do not shift back to where they were the last time I was in 1680x1050.  They are still where they were in 1440x900.

    Can anyone who uses a Windows 7 laptop both docked and undocked (at differing resolutions) tell me if they see the same behavior?  I had always assumed that this was a Windows 7 bug, and I'm still not convinced otherwise.

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010 2:30 PM
  • Generally, the resolution won't change when you undock the laptop.

    I recommend you to update your Chipset driver and other drivers from Dell first. Then please change your power plan to High Performance. You can try the following steps:

    1. Click the Start Button, type "power options" (without quotation marks) in the Start Search box and press Enter.
    2. Choose your power plan and click Change plan settings.
    3. Click Change advanced power settings and click "Change settings that are currently unavailable".
    4. Change to "High performance".
    5. Click Yes click Save changes.

    Good luck!


    Wednesday, March 3, 2010 10:30 AM
  • I just don't think we are on the same page.  I have a 14 inch laptop whose maximum resolution is 1440x900.  I have a 22 inch monitor whose max resolution is 1680x1050.  Of COURSE the resolution changes when I dock/undock.    I am not sure why would say that it wouldn't.  I appreciate the help, but I think this is a rabbit trail.
    Wednesday, March 3, 2010 2:14 PM
  • I think the confusion may lie in the fact that the way my dock is situated, the laptop is closed, so it is not using its internal screen at all.  It is only using the external monitor.
    Thursday, March 4, 2010 2:10 PM
  • Now, I see what happened to you.

    My gadgets can keep the same possition of the monitor when I connect a second monitor, and I am using the driver direct from the Nvidia. As the setting is controlled with the display card driver, you can try to apply this one for you laptop.


    Although it's a bit old, you can give it a try, please remove the previous driver in the Device manager first.

    Good luck!

    Friday, March 5, 2010 10:09 AM
  • I'm experiencing a very similar issue, and I'm sure there's a connection - I have a dual-monitor setup with gadgets on both sides. If I Remote Desktop into this system from another computer, the gadgets naturally get squeezed into the one remote desktop BUT! when I go back to my dual-monitor computer and take over the session, the gadgets stay on the primary display (the gadgets from the 2nd monitor don't go back to their original locations). It is very annoying to have to move them back each time.

    I doubt this is a video driver related issue, but I've already upgraded to the latest and greatest to be sure. I hate to necropost but I don't think this one's been solved anyway; still if you wants me to post a new thread I'll play ball.

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010 2:22 AM
  • I'm experiencing the same issue: laptop running Windows 7, docked to connect to a 22" dual monitor. When I undock, my gadgets stack one on top of the other. When I redock, their location doesn't revert.

    In searching the web, I found many others having the same experience:

    • http://www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/saving-gadget-postion-in-windows-7
    • http://superuser.com/questions/65274/windows-7-gadgets-and-screen-changes

    As others have noted, all my drivers are updated and current.

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010 3:40 AM
  • same issue here on a DELL Latitude E6400.

    Guess it's the way DELL designed the DOCK. It's more an USB extension. It's no docking station and no hardware profile is used.

    It works finde, when changing the resolution forth and back. The gadgetes remember to stuck on the right hand side.

    When undocking to 1440x900 and docking to external 1650x1050, the gadgets however stay at the 1440x900 right hand side border. not at the 1650 one.

    I don't like this... ;(

    Sunday, August 15, 2010 9:46 AM
  • John Cena may be a lovely guy , but I wish wish wish he'd stop guessing with these answers !

    This gadget movement happens all the time in windows 7 . IT'S a BUUUUG !

    No amount of trying this or trying that will fix this issue . It's all up to the big M to fix it at source I'm afraid.

    Look lets' look at this problem in a logical way and stop guessing.

    Let's say Fred or Freda Blogs boots up their computer in Cincinnati.

    Then Joe Doe or Josephine Doe boots up their computer in New York.

    Both their gadgets will move around no matter what settings or drivers or resolution they have.

    This should NEVER happen in any OS. Its just a pain in the neck, and yet another typical flaw built into windows again. 

    The most annoying thing about this is sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't . There is no end user fix , unless Microsoft bring out a patch.

    Hello , Its a BUUUUUG !

    Friday, December 3, 2010 8:01 PM
  • A bug?  Nope.  Just a lack of foresight.  Here's what happens:


    Docking, undocking, remote, or connecting another monitor, all trigger more than a resolution change.  The idea is to keep a gadget from disappearing off the right edge of the monitor if you switch from a large to a small display.  It seems that the MS people did not come up with a good way to keep positions stored for different monitors.  When you switch back to your larger display, it did not keep track of your positions based on resolution.  It tracks it based on the monitor.  The lack of foresight was in keeping track of positions based on the monitor, rather than the resolution.  It does not properly associate a whole set of positions based on different monitors, so each time you switch monitors, (A remote connection is seen as another monitor) it checks positions and makes sure you can still see the gadgets, and forgets the previous positions.

    So, change resolution, and it adjusts.  Change monitors, and it adjusts and forgets.  Connecting or disconnecting a second monitor does the same thing because Win is seeing a monitor change.

    Another related issue is windows doing the same thing.  Plug in a 1280x1024 monitor, switch from laptop to that monitor, and it defaults to 800x600.  All visible windows are resized.  Switch to 1280x1024, and the windows stay small.  Switch back to laptop display, and windows stay small.

    Sunday, December 5, 2010 2:31 AM
  • Microsoft will call it a feature request but from a useability point of view, it IS a BUG.  There was a time that useability was king at MS.  Any great technology, they would package up pretty and deliver to the masses.  When did they lose perspective??  Anyway, I'm using 7 Sidebar Gadget to address this issue.  I have a dock that adds 2 displays.  I use it to keep my gadgets on my 3rd display when docked.


    Tuesday, July 10, 2012 4:14 PM