technologies to use to handle a project with lots of input-data and statistical display of the data. RRS feed

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  • I need some guidance on a web app project. Here are some quick specifications of the project:

    Client wants an interface where he can enter huge data that includes images too. He would fetch data from his own sources (not my concern how he gets it).  He wants to do a bulk upload of this data. Data is precious. Must be secure. The stored data will then be used for displaying on a website based on several conditions, rules, statistics. 

    My team is well versed in .NET, Angular 4, Python, SQL, Django framework... Now, I am not sure which combination of the programming languages I need to suggest them.
    I was thinking may be like this: Use Python, DJango for the admin module. Use .NET Framework + Angular 4 for the main website to display. But Angular is not SEO friendly. So may be just ASP.NET MVC?

    SQL Database and Azure for cloud... 

    Can you please provide your feedback ?

    Monday, November 6, 2017 3:32 PM