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  • A.  About five years before my husband passed, while unemployed for 18 months, I noticed sometime
        during that 18 months that some things had changed on my computer but he denied doing anything
        to it.  I have had nothing but problems with it ever since.  

    B.  To try to rid myself of all the problems I have been having, I did a restore from the computers
        SYSTEM RESTORE-RESTORE TO FACTORY STATUS but noticed no changes after that restore.  Recently,
        I did a RESTORE TO FACTORY STATUS using my factory SYSTEM RESTORE DISKS.  I noticed a "SCRIPTED
        RESTORE" in my list of restore points immediately after I did the restore.  It was the first
        restore point after factory disk restore of the computer and it did not restore it back to
        factory status as I had expected.

    Problems I've been having and questions I have:

    1.  Multiple script errors from multiple sources.

    2.  Often I keep getting this message:

        Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown

        This is what I received when I viewed the problem:

        Problem signature:
           Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen
           OS Version:            6.0.6002.
           Locale ID:             1033

        Additional information about the problem:

          BCCode:                  1000008e
          BCP1:                    C0000005
          BCP2:                    81C52785
          BCP3:                    86B5B064
          BCP4:                    00000000
          OS Version:              6_0_6002
          Service Pack:            2_0
          Product:                 768_1

    3.  Computer or web sites hang constantly.

    4.  Computer is shutting down unexpectedly frequently.

    5.  When I first got the computer, I set it up for only one administrator, but now there is an Administrator
        and an Administrators listed along with many other items.
    6.  Through things I found on the computer, my husband had set up a "VIRTUAL MACHINE" and a "VIRTUAL PRIVATE
        NETWORK," whatever that is. I think he did something that is controlling my computer and keeps me from
        controlling it myself, where on the internet I go, and what I can or cannot do on my computer.  How do
        I rid my computer of this?

    7.  What is shadowing?  Is this something he set up to watch what I was doing on the computer?

    8.  I know he was doing these things remotely from his computer which was running Windows XP.
    9.  My computer is running Windows Vista, his was running Windows XP.  Many times when updating something or
        downloading something, I will get the message that the update or the download is not compatable with my
        system of Windows XP and I know my system is Windows Vista.  Somehow I feel there is something he put
        on my computer that incorporated Windows XP and Vista onto my computer.

    10. I know he used GROUP POLICY and SQL.10.
    11. Originally, we had a home network named xxxxxxx,and sometime
        during the time we had the original modem is when I noticed the changes to my computer. Then we
        required a new modem from our carrier which they installed and set up a new home network per my request.  
        After that, I noticed that, the new network was showing up as a sub-network to the original network
        instead of a totally new and separate network.

    12. Is there anyone out there who can walk me through getting rid of all that he has done to my computer
        and get it back to factory status?  I don't have the money to take the computer to a shop nor
        purchase a new one as I am on a very strict budget with no extra money beyond my monthly bills.  I
        use my computer constantly and all these problems prevent me from accomplishing
        what I want or need to accomplish because I spend all my time trying to fix the errors I am getting.
    Monday, October 12, 2015 7:21 PM


  • slickster50,

    Sorry for all your problems but this is not the right forum to get answers for your questions. This forum is dedicated to questions/issues about Microsoft Project, a project management application. I suggest you delete your post and start with the following:


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