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  • We have a DPM 2010 installation with a remote SQL server as DB

    The Server has been installed using the default instance , and DPM points to that instance .

    However we have been asked to move DPM DB to another SQL named instance on the same sql server .

    How can we change the DB DPM is pointing to , without reinstalling DPM ?



    Thursday, March 08, 2012 1:03 PM

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  • Hi,

    DPM uses a specified instance of SQL Server to stores its database. You specify the instance of SQL Server that DPM will use during the DPM installation process. It is possible to change the instance of SQL Server that a DPM server uses only by uninstalling and reinstalling DPM.

    If you need to change the remote instance of SQL Server for a DPM server, use the following process:

    NOTE:  If you want to change to use local SQL server, let DPM install SQL during setup, then in steps 4, exclude the –instancename switch.

    NOTE: Make a note of DPM QFE level before un-installing, and install the same QFE level after re-installation but before the DPMDB restore. 

    1. Ensure that you have a recent backup of the DPM database (DPMDB).   Dpmbackup –db
    2. Uninstall DPM and choose to retain data.
    3. Install DPM and choose a new instance of SQL Server.

    NOTE:  You can use an existing remote instance of SQL Server for your DPM database. If you choose to use a remote instance of SQL Server, you must install sqlprep.msi.
           To use an instance of SQL Server on a remote computer, run sqlprep.msi, which is located on the DPM product DVD in the DPM2010\msi\SQLprep folder.
           Verify that the user account you will be using to run the SQL Server service and the SQL Server Agent service has read and execute permissions to the SQL Server installation location.

    4. Restore DPMDB to the new instance of SQL Server.  Copy the saved DPMDB.BAK to the local SQL Server IE: C:\DPMbackup, then run:

                        DpmSync –RestoreDb -DbLoc  C:\DPMBackup\DPMDB.bak –InstanceName  <Sql_server\instancename>         This is the name of the remote SQL server\instance name.

    5. Now run this command on DPM Server.

                    Dpmsync –sync

    At this point your new DPM server with a remote SQL instance is up and running with the configuration of the original DPMDB.  The replicas are invalid but you can trigger a consistency check to restart normal protection.

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    Thursday, March 08, 2012 5:19 PM