Now Vista does not work with Microsoft's own apps? RRS feed

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  • Is this true? Could Microsoft possibly have taken the two products out of beta and gone live with them when they do not work together?


    I went out and upgraded all the PC's we had to vista with the launch as well as to office 2007.  Then was directed to a Micrsoft Webpage for Office Live and signed up for the premium services for $39 per month. 


    As Microsoft promotes one of the big features of OfficeLive is that you can use 3rd party wed design programs and design your own web pages. They even state you can use expression web or sharepoint designer for the design part of the web-site although they do state that auto-publishing will not work, that the files will have to be copied over manually.  Seems fair enough. I bought Expression Web. Designed my site.


    Went to the Office Live home page and then went to the "website" links and clicked view my web folder so I could copy my new designed website files to the server.  The website folder will not open at all!  I called Office Live support, which is run at an outsource company in the philipines, and they say that yes, its because I am using Vista and they do not work together, even though the Office Live site says its compatible with Vista 32 and 64bit versions.  I ask for the issue to be escalated, but never receive a call back. I call back and refer to the reference number and ask to speak to someone on the product development team for Office Live, and I am told they will again escalate this and get back to me. I finally get a call over a week later telling me the design team and the VIsta team are aware of the issue, but there is no workaround or fix. Again, I ask to speak to someone on the development team and I am told it is impossible.


    Can this be true? How could Microsoft taken a product out of beta when it does not even support their own current operating system?  How can this be allowed to happen?  Where is this office live development team, do they exist? 


    If anyone else has figured out a way around this issue, please let me know! I have two friends which have the exact same problem, and the only option so far is to try to switch back to XP, as it works fine in XP.





    Tuesday, April 10, 2007 11:27 PM