Windows Explorer 10 is getting webpages from Cache rather from websites RRS feed

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  • Windows Explorer 10 is getting webpages from Cache rather than from websites.

    This is leading to erroneous data being displayed as previous updates from other users or even the same user are not being displayed.

    Confirmed by debugging an application and comparing Windows Explorer 10 to Chrome.

    Chrome works as expected with all fetches from the database begin performed.

    Windows explorer shows old data from cache.

    Refreshing the webpage forces the webpage to be fetched from the server and the methods to be actually run.

    Unable to verify exactly what cache is being used but Chrome execution confirms this is not a server IIS issue.

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  • Hi,

    Please provide a link to your website for us to test.

    Post questions about html, css or scripting to the IE Web Development forum.



    see http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ieinternals/archive/2012/01/31/avoid-using-meta-to-specify-expires-or-pragma-in-html-markup.aspx
    Thursday, August 1, 2013 3:18 AM
  • Hello doctoroftype,

    My website is www.metro-mart.co.uk, had a quick look to check and cant see any meta data handling keywords for Cache and I don't use page level caching at all.

    The server MIGHT say the page has not been updated, however I would expect the same behaviour to be present on Chrome. But having passed the same data through Chrome twice there was no evidence of page using Cache under debug.

    I do use data caching but that is handled at server level in hash tables in memory. This data is handled correctly and updated by the server on amendment.

    The same Cache behaviour problem can be seen using this very forum. Enter a new forum Entry. Update the entry and reselect the same webpage from the forum list. Internet Explorer 10 shows the old entry details. Press refresh and the correct details are shown.

    Either my Internet Explorer has incorrect settings in some way - but to my knowledge I personally have not updated any settings for a long time - or there is an Internet Explorer 10 bug.

    Is there some setting which is causing this behaviour ?

    Thanks Max.

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  • Hello Rob,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes this forum is affected with the same problem for me. Not sure exactly what is causing Cache to be used in preference to the website data.

    It's either some weird setting or a bug with IE10.

    I could try IE11 but this will not help other users with the same problem and hence they will see old data.

    The actual problem is not readily apparent - it took me about 2-3 hours, rebooting and guess work to understand what was going on.

    Initially I thought it might be a caching issue with ObjectDataSource Caching data between pages and/or my Cache handling on the server - my code hasn't changed but MS does sometimes change their default settings. But running a test server, shutting down the server and even rebooting failed to update the web page.

    I wondered if somehow it was a "redirect" issue, pressed refresh and the data suddenly appeared as amended and all debug break points were hit.

    For about 1 hour I was wondering if I had gone nuts, but after putting a debug on the page load and not even getting that far I knew the explanation was outside of the main coding.

    I have installed Visual Studio 2012 but I web develop on Visual Studio 2010 but TBH that SHOULDN'T have affected IE10,,, but who knows these days ?

    BTW my website code hasn't changed for a few months - I was actually debugging a data collection issue which was outstanding and found this issue.


    Thursday, August 1, 2013 9:18 AM
  • FYI.

    Entered two replies on this forum.

    Went back to the forum using the link at the top of the webpage, showing the list of entries.

    Reselected this forum entry on IE10.

    Shows the old webpage entry with none of the replies I entered.

    Press refresh.

    Shows the two replies, now entering a third reply to make it clear what the issue is.

    Thursday, August 1, 2013 9:25 AM