Active window randomly is deselcted for no logical reason - must manually reselct to continue working RRS feed

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  • WHAT IS GOING ON??!! This is a brand new pc and I'm so frustrated.

    Windows 7 Professional

    This happens all the time.  I will be typing in a window (be it Microsoft Word Perfect, Outlook, Word, Explorer, etc. - any program) and as I'm typing, the window I'm typing in will deselect.  When this happens, no other windows open, and I KNOW that I did not touch anything.  No other programs pop up when this happens - which is what you would typically expect when the computer forces you away from what you were doing.  I then have to manually click back into the window to select it so that I can keep typing.  IT JUST DID IT TO ME AS I WAS TYPING THIS QUESTION. Something must be running in the background that is taking the focus away from the window I'm working in.  Please help me make it stop!!  It happens all the time and is getting so frustrating.  If I'm looking at a document and typing it up, I'll look at the computer screen and everything I just typed is not there because the window isn't selected.

    Does my question make sense? Someone please help me!

    Thursday, November 21, 2013 6:00 PM