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  • I had Onedrive [Microsoft Account] and Onedrive for Business [Organisational Account] running perfectly before, and then sometime ago [a few weeks?] Onedrive for Business wasn't uploading/downloading some files properly or something and there were crosses next to most of my folders, so I 'repaired' it. After which it seems to work fine.

    Then I accidentally clicked repair again, worst mistake ever, and it seemed to ruin everything. I closed the repair, thinking it'd just run and hopefully it'd be fine, and next thing I know, Onedrive for Business doesn't run anymore, and when I try to open the program, it comes up with an error message saying there's another instance of the program running, yet it isn't in my icon/notification area, and my files don't seem to be syncing. I check task manager, and it turns out to be running though. So I attempt to terminate the program, and for whatever reason it won't let me. After a few runs of this, I got tired of it and reinstalled Office, but it came back. So I repeated this and after a few times, it stopped. Yay.

    But now I can't sync my work files anymore and Onedrive [Microsoft Account] isn't big enough for them. How do I get Onedrive for Business running properly again? I tried to run it before, but all it would do is turn on, and not actually do anything.

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