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  • I need to deal with doubleclick on button, normaly when I doubleclick on button(on Main dialog M) to domodal a dialog(A), it can only genereate one dialog. But now the problem is, the dialog A should show on a virtual desktop. under this circumstance, when I doubleclick the button, it will generate dialog A twice. Which means there is 2 (LbuttonDown/LbuttonUp) messages and it been handled by main dialog M as 2 click event. The second dialog A shows on virtual desktop after the first dialog A and the first virtual desktop disappear.

    virtual desktop, I mean the background is virtualized and we can only click the dialog above the virtual desktop.

    Anyone knows how to deal with it? Thanks in advance!

    Sunday, November 3, 2013 2:32 AM


  • Hi,

    This forum is dedicated to the use of Microsoft Project, a scheduling software. I'm afraid I cannot relate your post to it. So the chances you would find help here are very, very slim. Sorry.


    Sunday, November 3, 2013 8:52 AM