microsoft compat lies speedtouch 330 works perfect with daul boot xp and vista every1 enjoy RRS feed

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  • speedtouch 330 installed 1st time on rc1 and tiscali disc for 330 moderm

    hi every1 it was ten minutes ago i posted that i didnt have driver for 330 speedtouch so i looked evreywhere and i mean everywhere on the net on my dual boot xp and vista ,but i was on xp at the time anyway i tryed to do the install lastweek and it didnt and wouldnt do it at all , so i did something else i was dual booted with xp and vista ..............  i went on to vist and clicked on to the xp drive with all my xp data on  and i went to ????  well that would be telling eh but if ur stuck and want to know how i did it plz email me on  lancasterlad@tiscali.co.uk and i will share it ,, i cant believe all the post u all said it wouldnt work but i have to be the 1st and best  ???  haha am jokeing if microsoft want any ideas on how i did it then plz email me i want to help u all enjoy the full internet access through a speedtouch 330 usb moderm like me >>>>>>>>>     and if theres any jobs out there for me with all u it people plz get in touch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    yours will

     p.s if u have the driver cd and moderm thats all u need  

    Monday, October 23, 2006 4:34 PM