Folder redirection policy - all folders redirected except desktop


  • Hello everybody, 

    I faced with strange situation: I have policy for folder redirections. All works fine except desktop folder. Settings for desktop folder are:

    Settings: Basic (Redirect everyone's folder to the same location)
    Path: \\fsserver01\home$\%Username%\Desktop (In the policy there is no %username% settings, it is generated from settings report)
    Options: Grant exclusive rights to Desktop: disabled
    Move the contents of Desktop to the new location: Enabled
    Also apply policy to....: Disabled

    When the user logs in, there is no any errors in event viewer. In Application log says successfully redirected folders such as Downloads, Contacts, etc. In Folder Redirection log there is record which I believe very important and key to the issue but can't find information about it in the internet:

    Folder "Desktop" has to be redirected.

     Redirection options = 0x80000004.

     Parent folder = "{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}".

     Path = "".

     Group = S-1-1-0.

    Also, there is another policy attached to this OU where folder redirection settings shown as Not Configured in the settings report, but my actual policy is enforced and remains first in order to proceed.

    When I do rsop.msc on computer and go to User Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Folder redirection only few folders shown (such as Downloads, Contacts, etc which were mentioned in Application log). There is no Desktop.

    What might be the reason and what does this redirection option means? Thank you in advance.

    Wednesday, December 16, 2015 1:48 PM


  • Hi,

    From your description, I understand that Folder Redirection working except for Desktop folder. If my understanding is not correct, please feel free to let me know.

    Before we start the issue, I want to verify something with you:

    1. Does this issue occur on other clients? Please check if only the specific client is experiencing the issue or all the clients are affected.

    2. What’s the version of the problematic client OS?

    3. Have you tried using gpupdate /force and rebooting the client machine to have a test?

    4. Would you please tell me if the share permission has been checked? If not, Please give everyone full permission

    First, I notice that there is no Desktop in the RSOP result, it indicates that the Group Policy is not applied correctly. In order to get a more concreted idea of this issue, I would appreciate your help to collect the following information for further troubleshooting:

    Collect gpresult output


    1. Run the command gpresult /h gpreport.html

    2. Take a screenshot of the Folder redirection part from the result and upload the picture (directly or using OneDrive).

    In addition, you could refer to the following steps to check some related settings and do some tests:

    1. Logon the new user and access UNC path directly:  “Desktop redirection destination folder path”. If it is accessible, try creating the folder manually.

    2. Please also give Create Owner full permission on Access folder.

    3.Please make sure that you have configured at least the minimum permissions on the redirected folders.

    NTFS permissions required for the root folder

    Creator/owner - Full Control, this folder, subfolders, and files
    Administrators - No permissions
    Everyone - No permissions
    Local System - Full Control, this folder, subfolders, and files
    Security group of users who need to put data on the shared network server - List Folder/Read Data, Create Folders/Append Data - This folder only

    NTFS permissions required for each user's redirected folder
    User Name - Full Control, owner of folder   
    Local System - Full Control   
    Administrators - No permissions
    Everyone - No permissions

    Please refer to the following TechNet article to get more information:

    Folder Redirection

    Hope the above information is helpful to you.

    Best Regards,


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    Thursday, December 17, 2015 8:18 AM