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  • Question, and help! Due to the fact that my school integrates with both gmail and MS Exchange,...they being the exchange server, how can I migrate, and can I indeed, as their server, though MS EXCHANGE is 2003'! MY office package is 2007...how can I migrate this MS Outlook Connector for hotmail to MS Exchange Server, and should I do it, for 2003, for my school...or will my computer even take their 2003 MS Exchange server! Please rsvp. I thought perhaps I could switch to their MS Exchange...with a compatibility app? If this is true, which one, and iwouldn't my server need to be MS Exchange 2007, as my office pro is? I was originally thinking of another school that did take 2007, and consequently I have the 2007 pro version.


    Thanks, my major is not computers, so your help would be greatly appreciated. If you reply, can you tell me which exhcange interface I could use, to merge all of this? Thank you, in advance for reading this. Indeed I would be switching from MS Outlook Hotmail Connector 64? Does this make things worse? I'm sure confused!!!


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    Sunday, August 28, 2011 10:44 PM


  • By merge do you mean quit using Hotmail and moving your e-mail to Exchange?

    I've just tested this. In Outlook 2010 you can add both to your profile, and then drag all your messages out of Hotmail's Inbox and folders into your Exchange mailbox's folders. However, in Outlook 2007 you can't add two MAPI accounts at the same time. So you could create a second profile with Hotmail and Personal Folders, specify a PST file, and move all the messages from Hotmail to the PST. Then you can add that PST to your Exchange profile, and move the messages from the PST to your Exchange folders.

    I would recommend that you do this only temporarily because you can get confused as to which account is sending and receiving.

    For specific instructions, look in Outlook's Help for adding profiles, adding accounts, adding Personal Folders (PST files), etc.

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