InvalidObjectCriteriaException on advanced activities queue RRS feed

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  • I wanted to create a queue that includes all the review activities that are related to a certain change request.

    So i have created a new queue based on the "Manual Activity (advanced)" and in the criteria section i selected "[Work Item] Contains Activity" and then i have selected the TemplateID for change request.

    This has worked quite well. i tested the queue using PowerShell and it returned the correct activities. But the problem is that every 5 minutes i get an error in the event viewer (ID 31400 or 31401). 

    InvalidObjectCriteriaException: <Criteria xmlns="http://Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Core.Criteria/"><Expression><SimpleExpression><ValueExpressionLeft><Property>$Context/Path[Relationship='{2da498be-0485-b2b2-d520-6ebd1698e61b}' TypeConstraint='{e6c9cf6e-d7fe-1b5d-216c-c3f5d2c7670c}']/Property[Type='{e6c9cf6e-d7fe-1b5d-216c-c3f5d2c7670c}']/daa7213f-a107-a1a4-964d-1b21af0ec8fb$</Property></ValueExpressionLeft><Operator>Equal</Operator><ValueExpressionRight><Value>SCSMChangeRequest</Value></ValueExpressionRight></SimpleExpression></Expression></Criteria>

    Do you know any workaround for that?
    Thursday, January 3, 2013 8:52 AM