The fax can't be sent because of an unexpected error


  • When I try to send a fax using Windows Fax and Scan I get an error message, "The fax can't be sent because of an unexpected error".  This happens whether I print to the virtual Fax printer or create a New Fax from within the Windows Fax and Scan application.  After selecting a Message Recipient and clicking Send there is a delay.  During this delay the modem picks up and drops the phone line several times.  After the delay I get a pop-up window that says:


    Windows Fax and Scan (window)

    Review fax status

    View details

    "The fax can't be sent because of an unexpected error"


    When I select the document in the Outbox to examine its properties I see the following lines:

    Status: Retrying

    Extended status : Fatal error


    Eventually the application gives the error message:

    "The fax could not be sent after the maximum number of dialing attempts was completed".


    My question is how do I resolve this error so that Windows Fax and Scan will send faxes using my modem.  What is preventing Windows Fax and Scan from sending faxes?  A deeper question would be why can't Windows Fax and Scan determine the cause of the problem.  Why is the problem an unexpected error? 



    I have already set up the Fax Settings to allow the device to Send faxes.  A device has been selected, which is my Conexant USB D400 modem.  The modem Query Modem responds with success in Diagnostics.  An identical (make & model) replacement fails to resolve the issue.  The modem picks up and dials successfully when using manual commands.  A Local Fax (default) Fax Account has already been created.  A Location profile has already been created.  No Dialing rules have been specified as none are required.  This is a standard residential telephone line. The disable call waiting radio button has been selected and a string has been chosen.  I have already tried toggling the Wait for dial tone setting in Modem Dial Control in Modem Properties.
    Wednesday, November 05, 2008 11:56 PM


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