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  • Hi,

    I have problems making the Project|WBS|Reorder command work on the entire project.

    I have 5 tasks and I have defined my own WBS code to AA, so I get: AA, AB, AC,AD, AE.

    If I change the order of the tasks, putting for istance AA at the bottom, and then I Renumber the Entire Project, nothing happens. If I select all the tasks and then I Renumber the Selected Tasks, they get their wbs codes succesfully changed.

    The same happens if I have tasks and subtasks and I make a subtask more nested and then I put it at its original level: doing so I "consume" the previously used WBS code, resulting in a numeration with gaps. Renumbering the entire project does nothing; renumbering a selection of all task works, but the next time I increase the level of a subtask its code "jumps" all the consumed codes.


    AA            task1

    AA.aa            subtask 1

    decreasing the level of subtask1 makes it AB

    Increasing again its level, makes it AA.ab

    decreasing again its level makes it AC

    Increasing again its level, makes it

    Renumbering the selection of both tasks turn them to AA and AA.aa again, but if I decrease again the level of subtask1, I get AD!

    This is very annoying because adding new tasks to a renumbered project creates gaps and I spend my time renumbering everything...

    Could you help me to understand how to do?

    Thank you again,


    Wednesday, January 16, 2013 3:26 PM

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  • Nino, prompted by your question, I took another look at WBS codes, their definition and behaviour. Thank you for the motivation to dig into the topic.

    As you describe, it appears that the renumber entire project doesn't do much. Highlighting all or some tasks and renumbering does. There is an obvious difference between specifying the Upper case, Lower case and Numeric codes in the mask - these are described as being ordered so can reasonably be expected to follow a pattern. By contrast, defining the code with Character components which are unordered means that you can put any values you like AA, DD, JU utc.

    I can see why the developers would need some fairly straightforward rules when trying to assign WBS codes to tasks that are being added, moved or indented. In your shows, I think my approach would be to work with the limitations of the rules as they are - avoid multiple indenting/outdenting or, if I have to do that, accept that renumbering selected tasks works and do it when I need to know what the WBS codes are. If one were using the WBD codes for cross referencing work packages, etc. the WBS codes should probably not be changed too frequently. What is your business process that depends on dynamic WBS codes?


    Friday, January 18, 2013 8:48 PM