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  • Hello.  Major discussion that needs to be resolved -

    1.  linux  file server.  Professionally configured, working well.

    2.  XP sp3 workstation 'a' with shortcut to local drive on XP sp3 workstation 'b'.   Workstation 'a' is also connected to a system manager on the file server - refreshes every 30 seconds.  This is a critical need workstation.

    3. XP sp3 workstation 'c' with shortcut to same local drive on workstation 'b'.  This workstation is also used for occasional ftp downloads.

    4. all on same network, same switch.

    5.  When a shortcut us used to copy a file to 'b', is there any file transfer speed advantage using 'a', 'b' or 'c' workstation? 

    If so, (b?) is there any speed benefit between 'a' and 'c'?   These are 10+gB files 

    Does the file transfer go 'through' the workstation used?  (using caching, using ram, etc.?)

    Any other insights you can add? Any downside to using a specific workstation?  If workstation c is up or downloading to ftp sites, does this affect simultaneous network copies to 'b'

    Sorry for the lame question, but I need to know...

    Thank you,

    Wednesday, December 21, 2011 7:34 PM