[BUGREPORT] Process Explorer integer overflow and performance issues when processing Hubble Legacy Field image (ram&cpu < 50%) RRS feed

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  • Today i learned about the Hubble Legacy Field image (, all Hubble space telescope data in one image, the greatest picture of space to this date in my opinion.

    Of course i downloaded it to look, but also to process it, to help orient myself which parts of the image originate from which dataset (quality differs among datasets) i used GIMP to overlay the image with Hubble Legacy Field Compass Image ( where you can see which part of the image belongs to which dataset with 99% transparency.

    I am aware that these are absolutely huge images (650Mp each) that easily take up several gigabytes of RAM, but my PC was never near 100% CPU, RAM, or GPU utilization (although at some point one core was at 100%).

    My system specs are:

    CPU: Intel i7-5820K hexacore @3.30Ghz

    RAM: 8*8Gb DDR4 2133Mhz

    Disk: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD

    Motherboard: Asus x99 Deluxe

    I have proper cooling so throttling is not the cause, i never felt any uncomfortable temperatures near fans or the heat-sink.

    The problems i was experiencing in Process Explorer were:

    • integer overflows in the performance tab of process details (negative values in memory utilization in process details but not in the main windows)
    • lag of UI (dragging process explorer windows had noticeably more lag than for example google chrome, windows explorer, or any other program except GIMP)
    • lag in memory columns update (i have it set at 1 second) and at some times even a total lack of update of memory columns
    • CPU & I/O graph in performance graph tab of process details occasionally being 0 and no visible graph
    • and in Windows 10 task manager i could not see any details of the sub-processes of Process Explorer (like system information window and process details window).

    Unfortunately i do not have any screenshots, but i do have the result of what i was doing here:

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  • I just saw this post ( where someone also has integer overflows in the performance tab, i am not certain how old my procexp.exe is but i downloaded it after the date on that post, so this might be fixed already and i am just on an older version.

    According to the poster the overflow occurs at ~2Gb (Int32 max value), i thought i had one maybe two times overflow per value, but with 2Gb i have about 15 times overflow for one of the peaks (i clocked in at 30Gb max when exporting the image).

    Interesting how technical developments demand more and more from integers..

    Wednesday, May 15, 2019 1:48 PM