XPS Viewer behavior in Lieu to AD RMS? RRS feed

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  • Scenario : 

    ·         Customer is hosting a lot of documents (in doc format and xps format) on a SharePoint portal
    ·         All these documents are protected using AD RMS 
    ·         Some of the XPS documents are protected using RMS Policy that is read only.
    ·         Read only means the enduser can only view the document but cannot save as on his desktop.
    ·         XPS documents are viewed using XPS viewer – a native application of Windows 7 

    Issue :

    ·         When the user on Windows 7 opens a protected read only XPS document through XPS viewer , the XPS viewer still has the Save-as button enabled. 
    ·         If the users opens a word document with the same protection on office word, then the save as is disabled. 
    ·         We want the same behavior on XPS Viewer too. 
    Friday, November 12, 2010 11:53 AM


  • It is up to the application developer as to how they translate the rights, and what options they disable in the UI based on those rights.

    In this case the Office team decided to disable the 'Save As' option. This is most likely due to the fact that you can save as something in a format other than a Word Document, that doesn't support IRM which would strip the rights off of the content.

    The team that designed the XPS Viewer, decided *not* to disable this UI option (by design), most likely because you can only save as an XPS file (which supports IRM), and all the same rights are applied to the content that you save, so there is no security concern or loss of control or policy enforcement. It would be no different than copying and pasting the file to a different directory. If the XPS viewer allowed to save in a format that did not support IRM, like Word, then this would be an issue.




    Friday, November 12, 2010 6:24 PM