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  • Hey,

    We deploy our machines with MDT, and as part of that we run a PowerShell command that imports a start layout and taskbar to the default user profile.  The taskbar layout included Edge.  Those that prefer IE are unpinning Edge and pinning IE.  This is fine, until they logoff and on again, where IE is still pinned but Edge has re-pinned itself.

    I cannot stop this from happening.  I have since updated the xml file to not have Edge pinned to taskbar, but that only affects new users.  How do I retro fix existing profiles to stop Edge auto pinning itself at logon.


    Import-StartLayout –LayoutPath $xml -MountPath $env:SystemDrive\

    Tuesday, August 1, 2017 9:05 AM

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  • Export-StartLayout doesn't support the taskbar, but you can code the xml by hand and use with Import-StartLayout.


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    Tuesday, August 1, 2017 1:27 PM
  • Hi,

    Yes, that is what I have done.  But the XML file originally had Edge pinned to the taskbar and so new user profiles have Edge pinned, which is right.

    But when a user unpins Edge from the taskbar because they prefer IE/another browser, Edge shouldn't forcibly repin itself back to the taskbar when the user logs on again, which is what is happening.  And it confusing because user has 2 'e' icons on the takbar.  No amount of unpinning from taskbar stop this from happening.

    For now I have removed Edge from the taskbar in the XML file so that new user profiles do not have it pinned.  But for exitsing users I'd like to now have to recreate their profiles from scratch.

    It's annoying because I also had Edge pinned to Start, but users can happily unpin it and it doesn't come back at the next logon.

    It's almost as if the taskbar section of the XML is continuously reapplied at every logon.  This is what I want to stop.
    Thursday, August 17, 2017 7:27 AM