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    1. Dear All,

      I got this message same as all of you: No Audio Output Devie is installed

      I run all recommended instruction in this froum but I have not succeed to solve my problem. 

      I have a Sony VAIO Z series VGN-Z37GD model bought from Malysia.
      I also download Audio_Driver_Realtek.EXE from Sony Asia site.

      I did following step:
          1- I went to - Cotrol Panel --> Device Manager -  but I didnot find Sound, videoand game controller line on it.
          2- I test - Action --> scan for hardware change - but it didn't worked 
          3- I try to create Sound line by going to Action -->  Add legacy hardware. I followed up the wizard procedure --> I select Sound, videoand game controller from add hardware menu. then selected my manufcturer that was Realtek --> my model was Realtek High Definition Audio --> I got Hardware to install message and said the wizard is ready to install your hardware --> I clicked next button --> I got this message: 

      The following hardware was installed

      Realtek High Definition Audio
      The software for this device is now installed, but may not work correctly.
      This device cannot start. (Code 10)

      it was not working properly but now atleast I had Sound, video and game controller line mydevice list ;-)
      In my driver name also I had a yellow triangle with ! in middle. It shows I have problem yet..

           4- I restarted my computer hope to work properly after turn up. Sorry I was in same situation with white cross on red circle on my sound icon.
           5- I tried to uninstall my Sound, videoand game controller now. I got positive result.
           6- After restart I tried to install my software that I founded from Sony Asia site: it is Audio_Driver_Realtek.EXE 
           7- I run Audio_Driver_Realtek.EXE and I have installed it successfully and restarted my computer as wizard recommend me.

               But it is not working. And after installing I cannot see Sound, Video and Game controllers on Device Manager window.

           8- hope to work, but it was not work again. I got this stupied white cross again on my sound icon.
           9- I also clicked 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available. but nothing came from Bill side!!!

      I spend more than 5 hours to repet these procedure again until 4 midnight, but I didn't got result.
      I went for morning praying and ask god to solve my problem or at least guide Bill Gate to develope better OS in Windows 7 without such problems !!!

      Any one could help me. I did most of my work via GoogleTalk everyday. I could not do anything now.
      Who should pay penalty to us because of this big Microsoft fult. It seems I got error after some Windows update.
      Please help me   

      Hamid Saniie
      Dubai Internet City
    Monday, November 9, 2009 10:55 AM