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  • (It isnt easy to report bugs to Micosoft. So i'll try it here...)

    The easiest way to reproduce the bug is to follow these steps:

    1. open command window
    2. enter  following commands:

    cd \
    md test
    cd test

    for /L  %i in (1,1,6) do echo x > a.%i
    for /L  %i in (1,1,6) do echo x > b.%i
    for /L  %i in (1,1,6) do echo x > c.%i

    (These commands create just some dummy files to show the bug.)

    3. You can now close command window.
    4. open Windows Explorer and move to c:\test (or whereever you created the dummy files).
    5. select 'detailed view'. Maybe you have to select the layout (use folder type 'all elemnts')
    6. if you now click on the name column you get all dummy files sorted correctly (a.1, a.2, a.3, and so on up to c.6)
    7. now select the second line which is a.2
    8. now click on filetype column
    9. files are now sorted by filetype: a.1, b.1, c.1...
    10. the selected line (a.2) has moved down to line 4, which is correct.

    11. if you now hold the shift-key and click on line 5 (which is b.2) you would expect that
          only two lines are selected: lines a.2 and b.2
    12. But - and that's the bug - explorer selects 4 lines!
    13. It seems like explorer saves the absolute position of the first selected line (which is line 2) and
          does not update this information when the user changes the display e.g. by sorting.
    14. I think this is a general explorer-bug not only specific to my up-to-date vista-64
          As far as i remember it was the same behavior with xp.


    Remember that this is just an easy example to demonstrate the bug.

    Imagine you have several sub-folders and some rar-files in a folder each having several parts.
    If you select the first rar file and do an 'extract to ...' a new folder will be created with the contents of the archive.
    If you then want to delete all parts of the sucessfully extracted archive by holding shift-key and selecting the last part
    of that archive - you get the last sub-folder selected also (caused by the newly created folder the absolute position
    of the initial selected line has moved down by one, but explorer does not know...)

    What would happen if you try to select several files on a busy network folder where many new files are created every second?

    Sunday, December 21, 2008 2:16 PM