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  • I have installed MRO and I am using it alongside RStudio and MKL. Even though the program starts normally when I launch RStudio, and accepts standard mathematical functions and plots, when I load libraries like car or ggplot it crashes (I have the latest XQuartz).

    R version 3.3.2 (2016-10-31) -- "Sincere Pumpkin Patch"
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    Platform: x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0 (64-bit)

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    Microsoft R Open 3.3.2
    The enhanced R distribution from Microsoft
    Microsoft packages Copyright (C) 2016 Microsoft Corporation

    Multithreaded BLAS/LAPACK libraries detected. Using 4 cores for math algorithms.

    Default CRAN mirror snapshot taken on 2016-11-01.

    With error:

    Friday, February 24, 2017 12:44 AM

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  • Hello,

    Please note that Microsoft R Open on the Mac does not rely on the MKL libraries. Instead, Apple supplies a built-in Accelerate math framework, which is a multithreaded library offering comparable performance.

    We are unable to reproduce at this point and we suspect that this an RStudio bug. Other users experience the same crash in other scenarios. It might be related to the UI and the MacOS hardware configuration. You could file a bug with RStudio, but before you do can you tell us if you've successfully used CRAN R 3.3.2 for the same task or whether it also produces a crash?


    Friday, February 24, 2017 6:25 PM
  • CRAN R 3.3.2 works just fine actually.
    Friday, February 24, 2017 6:27 PM