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  • I had modified files in my CustomUpdate folder and copies in a subfolder.  I had modified the login pages to prevent logins during the update process by using the response.end command and had other files in the folder.

    After the patch update and reboot, the directory looks like it was restored from some saved version, because the latest files that I had modified are not there, but files from an update that was done in July are.

    Why has the folder been replaced by some 'saved' version??





    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 1:57 PM


  • Think that I figured it out, at least for our array of 2 UAGs:

    In the \Microsoft Unified Access Gateway\backup directory is a WhlBackup.cab file that is created/updated whenever a UAG Management GUI does a SAVE.  It looks like file from various \CustomUpdate directories are 'copied' into the .cab file.  At least in my testing, when the system is rebooted, is appears that the UAG software, as part of its startup, will take the .cab and OVERWRITE any files in the respective \CustomUpdate directories (still researching which ones are included), with the files that had been written into the .cab file.  

    And for array management - it appears that the .cab file on the array manager is replicated to the various array members when the array manager system is rebooted.  Not sure as to what other conditions cause the replication of the .cab file.  Did a test of adding a file to one of the \inc\CustomUpdate directory on an array member (not the master), did a UAG Management GUI SAVE on the master, and this file was not included.

    My guess is that the array software uses the MASTER config information, include the .cab file, and replicates to the other array members.  Which is probably good in trying to keep the array members in sync.

    BUT, I also tested for a standalone UAG, and it is required to do the UAG Management GUI SAVE to get the custom update files in the .cab file, otherwise, the directory (and subdirectories) will be overwritten.  

    HOWEVER. the annoying thing is that I didn't see any documentation on this anywhere.  What precipitated this exercise was doing the October OS updates and I figured that I would start with one of the array members first, had my <trunk>1login.inc file in there with the response.end to prevent any logins to this node.  When it rebooted, people started logging into it - which was a surprise.

    Now I know.....unfortunately, I don't have a development array to do further testing - only production systems.



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