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  • I have received some complaints that the spelling check for Windows 10 does not work within most webforms and/or internal websites. While I am typing this message I can see squigly lines for nearly each word since my native language is Dutch and this message is in English. This same effect does not work for all forms or fields. Sometimes it will give a squigly line but it won't offer any alternative options. It looks lik the type of field detemines if the spelling check works or not.

    In the past we had an add-in for Internet Explorer called Spelling Check which was a lot more reliable. Since it is no longer available we don't know how to offer the same functionality for all forms and websites.

    Please let me know if there is anything that can be done to improve this.

    The current spelling check built into Windows 10 itself only seems to check certain field types. For example the field I am typing in right now seems to be working just fine, highlighting errors and making suggestions. Other websites however this feature does not seem to work. It looks like there is a differentiation between field types.

    Some of our web applications/sites no longer have a spelling check now which is a hassle for our users. Are there any known restrictions to the field types that are checked?

    I have also posted this question in the Windows 10 forum because I am unsure if this should be something posted there since the issue is with the new Windows 10 spelling check however it is related to this browser. I have this exact same issue with Edge however so I doubt it is specifically related to the browser.

    Is there any way to get the spelling check add-on for Windows 10 back?


    The problem isn't going to be resolved using a roll back to a previous version. This problem is applicable to all our users running Windows 10. It looks to me there are two possible solutions but I will need help with both of them:

    1. Microsoft adjusts the built in spelling check for Windows 10 so it checks every form and website and not just those using SharePoint/whatever technology it is that triggers the spelling check.

    2. We manually add the add-in for Internet Explorer 11 (Spell check) and use that once more for all websites. However since this normally was added to Internet Explorer automatically I have no idea where to download it.

    We really need a quick solution for this, nearly a 1000 users are having this issue right now and if we can simply resolve it by distributing a simple add-in that would definetly be the desired solution.

    The thread you suggested only troubleshoots a situation with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11 where the add-in has vanished for some reason. The issue I am describing is the add-in never being added at all because since Windows 8(.1) the built in spelling check for Windows itself should replace that of Internet Explorer. Sadly the built in Windows spelling check doesn't seem to work for each website like the Internet Explorer add-in used to do.

    So if someone can point me in the right direction where to download the old add-in and it works in combination with Windows 10 my problems will be resolved. If this add-in is no longer available for download then the only solution is to make the Windows spelling check compatible with ALL and EVERY form and website like the add-in used to be.

    I hope this describes the issue properly because looking on the forums both here and on technet it looks like a lot of people are running into the same issue.


    Sorry for the long wall of text but I want to explain this as thoroughly as possible and prevent questions such as "is your Windows up to date" or "have you added the correct language packs".

    Thanks up front!

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016 12:53 PM

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  • Hi Tinus,

    I did some testing. winkey should appear underlined in your spellchecker in both English and German Input methods.

    right click on it with the English virtual keyboard and you should see that 'wincey', 'wine', and 'winked' are offered as possible corrections.

    if I then change my input method (winkey+[space bar] ) and select the German keyboard from the list, then when I right click on it I am offered 'winke' winken' und 'Winke' as corrections indicating that indeed the input method and spellchecking languages have indeed changed as expected.

    If I then change my input method to NLD, with the US Keyboard layout... a language that I haven't installed the language pack for.. and right click on winkey I am NOT offered any spell checking context menu options, but instead the normal context menu options for any edit box.. eg. copy, paste etc.....

    so... the way to change the spell checkers' language on the fly in an web page is to change the input method... winkey+[spacebar]... not the "Manage Language..." context menu option.

    You also need to have installed the "Language Pack" for that input method....otherwise as in my case with NLD, no spellchecking options will be offered on right-click.

    winkey+[space bar]>select the "Language Preferences" option (at the bottom of the list)....then select the language that you want to use spellchecking with, and then click the "Options" button to determine if the needed "Language Pack" which includes the spelling dictionaries has been installed successfully.

    It would appear that selecting the context menu option of "Manage Language..." which links to the Control Panel>Languages... changes the entire OS UI Language setting... which is not what we want...

    I have linked this thread to an issue ticket at the MS Feedback portal...

    to perhaps remove the incorrect spellchecker context menu option "Manage Language" or replace it with say "Manage Input method..winkey+[space]"


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    Wednesday, December 14, 2016 11:34 PM