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  • Out of the box, the W7 taskbar is almost perfect for the way I work.

    I've read posts asking that the last opened window in a group be opened with a single left-click on the group. That's a good suggestion, and I hope MS implements it.

    What I'd like is the ability to reorder thumbnails within a group. Being able to reorder the icons on the taskbar itself is cool, but it doesn't really make my life any easier. My open applications are usually deeper rather than wider -- tons of instances of a few applications.

    I'm on my laptop probably 12 hours a day, and rarely turn it off. I'll generally have at least 50 windows open -- maybe 6 or 8 different applications. The grouping of taskbar icons, for me, isn't just nice, it's a necessity (or at least I lean on it a lot).

    Within a group, the order of the thumbnails makes a difference to me. For example, I could have SSH shells open to 30 different machines. It's pretty convenient to have the group arranged in some organized way, like sorted on peer address, or sorted according to which machines are "in trouble," or sorted by machine function, or whatever.

    I can open the shells in a particular order to get the group ordered the way I like -- initially -- but over time I'll be closing shells and opening new ones, and my preference for how the shells are ordered will change depending on what I'm doing.

    Anyway, how about the ability to drap-and-drop thumbnails to change their order within a group?

    Best regards.

    Friday, July 31, 2009 2:26 PM

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  • I agree, this would be a very useful feature.
    Saturday, April 23, 2011 8:21 PM