MySql 5.1.36 Service will not Start up in Windows 7 RC, requesting a fix or update to download from windows update RRS feed

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  • Ok what I wanted to say first is this in Windows 7 Ultamate Beta I did not have hardly any problems installing MySql 5.1.36 other then installing two services and having duplacte files of MySql but I got that problem fixed through some of the help files on mysql site and another site which I will provide as follows: http://metal-oxyde.blogspot.com/2009/03/mysqlwindows-install-head-ache-now.html

    I ended up having to edit the registry to fix that problem which worked really well, and it finally installed properly and installed the service properly...

    Now my current problem now is this here I am now using windows 7 RC and install went very well better then Windows 7 Beta but I am still having a problem with installing and running Mysql service for MySql 5.1.36 in Windows 7 RC.

    I had done everything as before checked out all the MySql help site linked from http://www.mysql.com with no luck from there or from the very first site that I provided...

    So here is my Question To the people at Microsoft I was wondering if you guys could ether provide a fix that I could do myself and for other people who maybe having this same Problem or if you guys could provide an update fix for mysql 5.1.36 in Windows Update...

    Okay that is about all that I can rember any help would be greatfully appreciated and thank you guys for your time and efforts.

    From: Morgan
    Thursday, July 16, 2009 7:28 AM