Wish someone would suggest microsoft create a hotfix for microphone auto muting. RRS feed

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  • I can't see how microsoft has overlooked the need for creating a hot fix on the microphone auto-muting malfunction/problem. My system is about 2 months old, (win 7 builder) and my recorder input automatically mutes itself and sets the recording level to Zero 0. There are a mass of complaints online with lots of simple control software fixes that... for the most part provide no positive results. Microsoft is like an old life raft with patch's upon patch's to keep it afloat. We pay for a system that is inferior because microsoft choose's to combat in part piracy within their system at the expense of their customers rather than feet on the ground... yet leave software open enough to allow a runaway malfunction of your audio input level. Reminds me of the old mafia movies where they sold protection for a price, Create something subject to malware and we'll sell you the fix/protection, your in for a re-occurring rip off with headaches to boot. Microsoft says they can fix it for $79.00 Shouldn't be subject to malfunction in the first place, been into computers sense win 95 and never seen this malfunction in earlier versions. Windows it one of the top two systems available, Windows will provide you with an endless supply of hoops to jump thru, Microsoft should have instantly produced a hotfix for the auto muting problem. Lot of life wasted patchin holes to keep their old life raft afloat. Not a Simple control software selection fix. Problem is in 7 8 & 10 from what I read on the net. They'll be right out with their brown bag to charge you for protection. I'd rather pay more for the system in the first place rather than have to put up with headaches. Damn ! 
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