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  • I've created a dashboard in Performance Point with a Scorecard and two detail reports.  Depending on which cell a user clicks on in the scorecard, I want either Detail Report A or B to display, with the other being in a "hide" state.  Is this possible?
    Monday, June 6, 2011 4:44 AM

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  • I've learned some new things and want to give more detail to explain the problems I'm still having.  I have a Scorecard that contains one Dimension member and two associated KPI's.  It looks like this:

                   Zone 1                                            Zone 2
                           KPI 1    KPI 2                  Detail Report 1
    Dim Member      xx         xx                    Detail Report 2
                                                                Detail Report 3 

    I have three details reports, and I wish for only one of the three reports to be displayed at any given time.  

    If Dimension Cell selected, Display Detail Report 1
    If KPI 1 selected, Display Detail Report 2
    If KPI 2 selected, Display Detail Report 3

    I discovered the Display Condition filter and thought this might get me closer.  The problem I'm having with it is that it only wants to work if I click on a KPI header and not down in one of the kpi cells.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong?  

    Monday, June 6, 2011 7:57 PM