SSAS - Displaying same value at all hierarchy levels


  • Hello,

    Maybe I am wording my search incorrectly, but I can not find anything on my issue.  I have customer data where I am aggregating the number of calls to a help desk.  I have customer balance information that isn't related to the actual calls, other than who the customer is and the month they call.  However, I want to display their balance at the time they called, even if you drill down into the call reasons.  Each call reason has multiple sub-reasons...  I just want to display the balance once for all the hierarchies that are being looked at.  Instead the balance is duplicating over and over, and totaling at the bottom.

    Hope I am clear on this.  Simplified I only want to aggregate if the months are rolled up to a year, which it is because the aggregation on the measure is SUM.  However, when I drill down into a lower grain on why the customer called, the balance is repeated.  Is there a way to just display it once at the lower levels, but aggregate once rolled up to the year level?

    Wednesday, September 4, 2013 9:00 PM