Sharepoint rename to OneDrive causing path issues


  • I originally had my job's OneDrive data synced to my work PC under the path C://Users/myname/Sharepoint etc. I ran into some issues later and had to delete and re-sync my department's folders but now it looks like MS has renamed its default path folder?

    It's setting up a folder called C://Users/myname/OneDrive for Business now. This is causing issues with many work files that use scripts to go to other files that are in the path C://Users/myname/SharePoint. Is there a way to rename "OneDrive for Business" back to SharePoint so that we don't have to adjust the script coding?

    I've already tried the obvious simple steps of right clicking and hitting Rename but it doesn't change the actual path name for some reason.


    Thursday, August 13, 2015 7:31 PM