GPO drive mapping on citrix working but on local desktops not working


  • In a single domain environment,GPO drive mapping on citrix is working fine and all network map drives are showing up without issues in citrix session.But on the local desktops where these users are logged on and using Citrix,the mapped network drives are not working.GPO is applied at the OU level for the site under which there are multiple departmental computers and users OUs.

    Please let me know how the GPO needs to be configured so that the users logging onto the computers get all the network drives that they see in Citrix session.Not sure if the same policy needs to be applied to the each of the computers OU with loopback processing set to replace mode.Then remove the GPO from the OU level as it appears to be applying to the users OU.Please answer in the next few hours ASAP.Waiting for the perfect answer as usually given.Thanks in advance

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015 2:46 PM